Quality Food Products

Fresh / Frozen / Dried


We source our products from the very best producers and make sure our customers receive their orders in a timely manner and with guaranteed quality.

We export an assortment of Canadian agricultural and aquacultural products to various parts of the world.

Soy beans and related products, lentil, beans, fish and shellfish are the main focus of our exports.  


Our main imports are Persian food products from some of the prominent producers in Iran.

We have exclusive rights to distribution and sales of the following companies in the North American market.

  • Golha Food Industries
  • Jahan Saffron
  • Negin Astara Khazar

We keep an inventory of higher demand products in our warehouse to ensure short delivery time when requested.

supply chain management


We provide other services upon request of our client; i.e. sourcing, order placement, inspection, logistics and marketing services.

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